Research method

Our strength

MARKETING SYSTEMS Co., Ltd. consistently offers useful information of marketing research through consulting.

With our focus group interview room, our CLT site, and our sales promotion center we are able to handle a broad scope of customer requests. Using only our own facilities, we are ensuring strict confidentiality of our clients new products.

We promise our clients to collect information in order to adopt quickly the change of conditions surrounding companies, diversification of consumers' demand, and the change of channel distribution.

Having all facilities in our company is cost effective and ensure a great quality of service.

Research Procedure

Research Procedure

Main research method

Quantitative marketing research

  • Online survey
  • Central location test
  • Home user test
  • Mystery shopping
  • POS data analysis, including test marketing
  • Purchaser research
  • In-store merchandising
  • Personal in-home survey
  • Street intercept survey
  • Mailing surveys
  • Telephone survey etc.

Qualitative marketing research

  • Focus group
  • Depth interview
  • Detailed interview
  • Specialist interview
  • Hearing survey
  • Planogram analysis
  • Regional characteristic research etc.

Secondary data analysis

  • Family income and expenditure survey
  • Survey of household economy
  • Commerce statistics
  • Establishment and enterprise census etc.