Privacy Policy

Marketing Systems co., ltd. collects consumers' attitudes and s concerning products or services through marketing research, and we contribute to society to provide the information to trusted companies and third parties.
As an entrepreneur which collects and uses information including consumers' privacy, our duty is to collect properly, use, secure the information.
To define our duty, we provide and practice this privacy policy.

How we collect, use, provide personal information

Obtaining personal information is operated properly and impartially; moreover, we define clearly the purpose of use. Use of personal information is conducted within the agreement of purpose of use which we obtain. Exceeding the specified purpose of use is necessary to obtain your consent.

As a rule, we do not disclose any personal information to third parties. As exception, we may provide the information to trusted third parties unless we can obtain your consent in advance.

Your personal information is brought up to date and operated securely.

How we follow act on the protection of personal information and other norms

In handling privacy we follow act on the protection of personal information, personal information protection guidelines, and other norms.

How we handle personal information

We take precautionary measures against leakage, loss, or damage of personal information.

How we correspond to complaints and consultations

For any further information of our policy, we have a contact point for complaints and consultations. We comply with your requests which are notice of purpose of use, disclosure, correct, suspending personal information from you or your agent.