Our services

Marketing Research

Information is alive. We would like to support your decision for new product development and introduction. We provide accurate data and arrange information for easy-to-use.

  • Consumer and supplier research
  • Test marketing
  • Area marketing
  • Commercial research
  • Distribution channel investigation and development
  • New product development
  • Planning of new line introduction
  • Mystery shopping
  • Resort development
  • Planning commercial building development
  • Research relating to government offices and poll etc.
  • Trend research in domestic

Management of Sales Promotion and Making sales promotion materials

We carry out whole transaction of sales promotion.
We can widely help to plan, make, and print sales promotion materials such as POP, novelty items, and more.
We have a warehouse within the company. This makes our operation and shipping systems are fully prepared.

  • Management of sales promotion all over Japan
  • Planning and designing sales promotion materials
  • Materials management and shipping
  • Making product brochure
  • Producing poster, flyer and other advertisement
  • Designing and making product's package


We conduct support and consulting concerning marketing business.

  • Assisting business related to sports
  • Character merchandising
  • Consumer confidence survey, Panel research
  • Trend research
  • Customer satisfaction research


  • We have wide network all over Japan
  • We are in partnership with 9 companies in 7 countries.
  • We will visit you quickly when you call us. Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to support you.

Our strong research fields

Very strong="VS"、strong="S"

Consumer confidence survey, Demand estimation VS Product naming VS Social research S
Assessment of existing product VS Brand equity research, Corporate identity S New line development
Ex. Concept testing, Product testing
Advertising research VS Test marketing, Market model VS Distribution channel VS
Pricing strategy VS Leadership survey, Copy testing VS Area marketing VS

Other research:China, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore、France, and the United States